Czarina Liu

Producer Biography - Czarina Liu
Czarina Liu ( born 1967 ) - Producer, 3D CG specialist, Maya certified advanced instructor, worked in the CG industry for 31 years. Ms. Liu has been engaging herself in 3D computer animation-related work for 31 years since 1992. She graduated from National Academy of Arts and is extremely talented for 3D modeling and 3D animation production. Just like Mr. Juang, Liu has also acquired advanced-level certified instructor credentials in Alias|Wavefront original software accredited by the globally-known Canadian company. She has been working for DFTC as manager in education and production departments since 2000.

Producer's Statement - Czarina Liu
The computer-animated film "Monkey King: Hero Is Back" in 2015 generated a legend-like box-office gross of nearly one billion RMB in the Chinese market. Encouraged by the massive animation movie market in China, Director Juang and I started planning an animated feature film in 2016, covering storyline development, art design for characters and scenes, computer hardware, motion capture system, and so on.
When choosing a story, we both love the one about Sun Wukong (Sun Walker) and Bull-demon King. There are so many demons in "Journey to the West" but only Bull-demon King has a wife, Princess Raksasi; a child, Red Boy; and a concubine, Princess Jade. He is so powerful that outfights Sun WuKong. But Bull-demon King is a slave to wealth and as such engages in a matrilocal marriage with the Princess Jade Fox family. He also enjoys socializing and binge drinking. Sun Wukong and Bull-demon King became sworn brothers five hundred years ago. Presumably it would be easy for the former to borrow a fan from the latter. But since Red Boy (Bull-demon King's son) wanted to eat Xuanzang but was subdued by Bodhisattva Guanyin thanks to Sun Wukong's trickery, Bull-demon King has been at feud with each other since then. With such powerful magical strength, Sun could have forced Princess Raksasi, who is inferior to him in terms of power, to hand him the plantain-fan. However, he goes to Bull-demon King instead as instructed by Land-god and sows discord between Princess Raksasi and Princess Jade. All the old and recent grudges drive Bull-demon King crazy and is determined to kill Sun Wukong. Sun nearly loses life to Bull-demon King but fortunately all gods come to his rescue by killing Princess Jade and subduing Bull-demon King and Princess Raksasi and putting out the flames of Fiery Mountains.
The story has won an unanimous recognition from our entire development team that it is a version of "Journey to the West" combining the traditional adventure full of fighting stunts with animated funniness. Our team also wish to bring to the movie viewers in the theaters the immersive viewing effect. As a result, we decided to create at the onset the stereoscopic views for both eyes and ensure that our investors and movie publishers or distributors can experience through virtual reality goggles the classic adventure with oriental aesthetics style that we attempt to present.
All Chinese know about the story of "Journey to the West". There are 1.6 billion Chinese people in the world, with China accounts for 1.3 billion and the rest spreading overseas. The story is like the Chinese version of Harry Potter and loved by Chinese people all over the world. We hope to visualize this classic Chinese adventure story with 3D animation and tell the story in this way so that it will be loved by young people all over the world.
The experience of life will leave traces. Director and I would like to work with a group of like-minded young friends to complete the film series of "Legend of Sun Walker" in the next 10 years, passing on the animation technology over to the next generation of young people and play the move wherever there are Chinese people in the world.