Adam Juang

Legend of Sun Walker is based on the original “Journey to the West” and adapted screenplay by director Adam Juang. Director spent more than two years writing the script and revising more than 60 versions. The team also conducted questionnaire surveys with people of all ages to find the target audience and created an unconventional adventure story. Our targeted viewers who are between the age of 6 to 20. A short film extracted from this feature film won more than 30 awards at international short film festivals from October 2020 to February 2021.

Director Biography - Adam Juang
Adam Juang ( born 1965 ) - Director, screenwriter, 3D CG specialist, Maya certified advanced instructor, worked in the CG industry for 32 years. Assistant professor for industry-university cooperative research master degree program at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 2007~2008. Instructor on Maya 3D special effects for digital content academy at Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan in 2007. Served as judge for a 4C digital creation contest in animation category organized by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan in 2005. Jury of Taiwan National Computer Animation Competition in 2000.
Director of "Rescue Master Tang" (15-minute short film) Award record (30 awards in total) Among them, the individual awards are:
1. Won the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada - Best Screenplay
2. Won the European Film Award - Best Animated Cinematography

Director's Statement - Adam Juang
The four famous Chinese classics "Journey to the West", "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", and "Dream of the Red Chamber" grown out of the five thousand years of Chinese culture have exerted extensive influence on the ideological concepts and values of the Chinese at home and abroad, from the past up to now. These four great works of highly artistic level created characters, stories, and even scenes that have been well recognized by readers from one generation to another. Instances of contemporary movies and TV dramas that were inspired or based on the four novels are numerous. Among the four, "Journey to the West" is favored by the Chinese globally for its wild imagination in terms of story line and its depiction of human nature. Nevertheless, most movies and TV dramas that label themselves as "Journey to the West" produced either domestically or overseas were found to have changed the original story to the extent that they were not true to it any more and are therefore suspected of deceiving the viewers by the name of "Journey to the West." I personally have been deeply attracted to the story of "Journey to the West" since I was a child. As I grew up, I always felt differently about the characters' personality and fantastic scenes when re-reading the book at different stages of life, and my fondness for the story grew accordingly. Since 32 years ago, I have been involved in the production of commercials, opening segments for games, and animation as well as special effects for TV, movies , and all sorts of films. During these 32 years in the computer animation industry, a voice constantly appears: The story of "Journey to the West" that I like so much is to be best presented with the tool of computer animation. For the love of and respect for the original of "Journey to the West", I had been waiting for a right time when my ability is enhanced. Now the opportunity has finally arrived for me to present my own ideas about "Journey to the West" in an animated film.